Definitions of Mushayira

Mushayira: is a symposium or gathering of poets where they are invited to recite their poems.

Sher OR Shayari: is a couplet, a poem of two lines embodying a single thought and is complete in itself. A sher is also called a 'bait'.

Ashaar: The plural of Sher.

Ghazal: is a collection of mulitiple Ashaar, each conveying a complete thought without any reference to other shayari of the same ghazal. In fact, though belonging to the same ghazal, the different Ashaar therein can have completely different meaning and tone relative to one another. When read seperately, they sound independent.

Misra: A line of a couplet. In a sher, the first line is called 'misra-e-oolaa' and the second line is called 'misra-e-saanii'.

What are Misra, Bahar, Matla, Maqta, Takhallus

Misra: A line of a couplet. In a sher, the first line is called 'misra-e-oolaa' and the second line is called 'misra-e-saanii'.

Bahar: is length of the Sher. Both the lines of a Sher must be of the same bahar.

Matla: is the first line of a Ghazal or The opening SHER of a Ghazal.

Maqta: is the last line of a Ghazal containing the poet's pen-name, Takhallus.

Takhallus: A pen-name adopted by a poet known by in the literary world.

Terminology like Qafia, Radeef, Husn-e-Ghazal, Fard, Tah-tul-Lafz

Qafia: It is the last but one word on each line of Sher OR Rhyming of the last words of a poem.

Radeef(End rhyme): It is the last word on each line of Sher. Each Sher/Couplet of Ghazal in addition to Qafia may also have Radeef which is rhyming of more than the last two or three words.

Husn-e-Ghazal: The best Sher in a Ghazal. It is also called 'Bait-ul-Ghazal'.

Fard: is a single line composition OR is composition of only a single Sher or Shero-Shayari. 

Tah-tul-Lafz: The manner of reciting a poem word for word without singing like rhythmic prose.

Mushayira Terms Tarannum, Nazm, Sehra, Qawwaali & Rubayi

Tarannum: The manner of reciting a Sher in the form of a song.

Nazm: A poem fully dealing with a single subject or thought.

Sehra: A song sung at the time of tying Sehra during wedding ceremony, praising the bride or the bridegroom and their relatives. 

Sehra is a headdress worn by the groom during weddings, garlands hanging covering the face of the groom.

Qawwaali: The love and oneness with God or Prophet Muhammad and his companions sung by a group of people with accompanying musical instruments. But it's popular covering romance, liquor etc.

Rubayi: Persian word for Quatrain. Contains only 4 lines, the third one being different from the other three as it should not have Qafia and Radeef.