I was born in a village Malipuram, very beautiful and peaceful. People were friendly and nice. I loved my village and my childhood. My father was a farmer. He also worked for a bank and as Post Master in the same village. I am proud to be born and raised in a farmer family. Trust me, I always wish to go back to my childhood farm days. My mother used to wake me up in the morning 5 AM and my day would start with her teaching. I did my primary education from Government School in my village up-to standard five. Peaceful and relaxing lifestyle in the beautiful greenery give opportunities for development in a serene rural atmosphere which are impossible in today's city life.  I went for my high school education ie till tenth standard to my neighboring village Tirmalgiri. A good four kilometer walk each way for five years. Indian villages are very beautiful with a classic lifestyle calm & quite. 

My favorite subjects were always languages and mathematics. The guidance provided by teachers was great and social and emotional responsibility started developing in secondary education. I enjoyed a lot in my high school and got good tips sufficient for rest of four years from my sister Rama Devi who was in tenth standard when I was in sixth standard. After the high school, I went to Hyderabad city for my 10+2 Intermediate Education with Mathematics as my Major. Still I used to enjoy my language classes Telugu, Hindi and English. I used to live with my elder sister Roopa Devi and have lots of fun with my nephews Ramesh & Suresh. Happiness is actually found in simple things. We used to play in wide open spaces. At the end of junior college, I appeared for individual engg entrance exam for admission into JNTU & Osmania Universities. 

Later I did a five year bachelors in technology at JNTU with electrical and elctronics engg as major made me an engineer. The campus interview secured me a job two months before the completion of my graduation. I completed my masters in engg at osmania university. Worked as faculty in the dept of electrical engg at Dept of Technical Education. Had the experience of working at different institutes and enjoyed teaching elctrical engg and computer subjects.

Later on went to NewZealand and settled in IT Profession in Auckland. From NewZealand to Sydney, Australia. From Sydney to Washington DC in USA. Finally USA to Melbourne, Australia the most livable city of the world.

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