Mushayira means a symposium of poets

Shayari means Poetry in english. Mushayira means a symposium or gathering of poets where they are invited to recite their poems. In Telugu it is called as Kavi Sammelanam. I am introducing a new flavor of poetry in Telugu called Telugu Shayari. I always had a dream, to write Shayaris in our mother tongue Telugu and bring them out in simple language. I wish it reaches each and every individual without much difficulty in understanding written in such a simple language. Any poetry sounds better and means its fullest in its original language. Still I tried my best in getting the closest meaning in hindi and english also.

Here I used four (4) flavors of each and every Telugu Shayari namely 

1. Original Telugu Shayaris  

2. literal translation enabling the Telugu speakers (who can't read Telugu) to read in Telugu in English

3. Hindi Translation  

3. English Translation. 

I wish this setup caters and reaches all.  

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