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Generous donation of your time in reading these is applaudable. Reading habit is one of the best characteristics and till now perhaps the only one without a worthy substitute. Please share the appreciation with others. It is much appreciated.


It is a great pleasure in introducing the two books namely: 1. Murali Mushayira 1  and 2. Murali Mushayira 2

Please feel free to either read them in my website OR 

You could also download the pdf versions of the books by clicking:  Murali Mushayira 1 and Murali Mushayira 2.



However, if you want a hard copy of the book to be posted, please contribute to cover the expenses to deliver to your door. 

Murali Mushayira-1 | 10 AUD
Murali Mushayira-2 | 10 AUD



Show essential much needed support with your generous voluntary donation in any amount if you want to. No compulsion. Your commitment greatly appreciated. 

Murali Mushayira

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