Murali Dharmapuri is a Senior IT Professional, a Poet, Kavi (in Telugu) and Shaayar (in Hindi) welcomes you to the world of his Shayaries (Four Line Poems)

Fascinates to bring out an emotion, a truth, a smile by means of power of words forming a four line poem. This four line poem is called as shayari, comes closer to hearts multiple times. He is very fond of Languages Telugu, Hindi and English. 

This is the globalization era and there is a significant movement of people to every corner of the world making the world still smaller. Living in another country affects their mother tongue. As a parent, today everyone is worried about their children for not learning their native language. 

Most of the youth do not know how to read Telugu though it is the mother tongue. This is because of the Medium of Instruction as English in most of the schools either in Hyderabad or in India for that matter. But they all know their mother tongue atlease as spoken Telugu. To make them understand better and give them a feel of Telugu read, he did a literal translation of each Telugu four line shayari in English and given the reading pleasure in one's own mother tongue.

Every mother tongue carries its own culture and certainly it is a treasure that generations has to keep. Mother tongue helps in emotional growth as well as cultural identity. It develops in strengthening firm bond with community. Whether one accepts or not, only the mother tongue provides the basis fo learning another language.

Telugu, Hindi, English - all three languages are used here to make the wider audience understand the beauty of poetry. Being an Hyderabadi from India, his main intention is to bring out a new flavor in Telugu Poetry called Telugu Shayari. He tried his best to keep the rhyming pleasure of sher-o-shayari. He got the inspiration as an influence from Hindi and Urdu shayaries being lived in Hyderabad. 

The expression of feel sounds much more suitable and better giving the exact meaning in the original language the poetry is written for the first time. Though the author tries to bring out the same meaning and rhyming in the translations, still it lacks behind grammatical structures, word analogies and pairs of words as compared to the original language. This is understandable for anyone. And you all agree that no one succeeds and do 100% justice in this kind of endeavours.

Nelson Mandela remarked 'If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart'.

Most of the critics said that these shayaries are so easy to read and understand. These comments make to feel that Murali Dharmapuri has succeeded in where it counted as a poet or writer.

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